SEO redesign on a global scale: methods and best practices

Salle Genève- cycle francophone

Refonte SEO à échelle globale : méthodes et best practices

Strategies, processes and best practices to effectively manage SEO redesigns of large international sites. Methods of coordination and collaboration with the actors involved in the launch of the new site.
Presentation of possible scenarios: sites, domains, rebranding, languages, dimensions, time axes and actors involved. Characteristics and main scenarios of global migrations.
Strategies, processes and checklist of activities for each phase of the process, indicating common mistakes and challenges:
– Preparation: objectives, strategy and planning, best practices for the CMS, site architecture
– Pre-migration: technical and content optimizations, checklist and tests, redirection mapping
– Post-migration: post-migration tests and performance monitoring, how to define and measure success

Speaker : Helga Bendea – SEO Lead – Accenture Interactive

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