Voice Search in 2020 – Is it Helping Those Who Need in Most ?

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Accessibility is increasingly being used as a selling point for many technology based products. We live in a world of technology where it should be helping those who may be disabled, but there has been no or minimal research into how voice technology is helping those who may need it most.   We have gone so far with other aspects of diversity, but continually disability is seen has something that’s too hard or constantly brushed aside, and it’s time to truly focus on disability and how we can make voice technology accessible to those who are blind/visually impaired, or who have cognitive issues and many more. This is especially the case as people are getting Alexa’s and other voice assistants for their parents and grandparents – even if they don’t consider themselves disabled, they still have access needs and are more vulnerable. There’s a slogan within the disability community that’s “nothing about us without us”, which means don’t do research or talks about disabled people without consulting or partnering with a disabled person/people. Therefore SEO Jo Blogs and Disabled Times have teamed up to run this research project to identify if voice technology helps disabled people, or if it has the potential to. If voice technology currently lacks, then we want to do something about it. This presentation will share the results of the accessibility voice search survey and how companies can make voice technology accessible for all.

Speaker: Jo Juliana Turnbull – Growth Marketer – Authoritas

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