Aymen Loukil

Aymen Loukil

International SEO consultant & Solution finder

Aymen accompanies its clients as an international SEO consultant to succeed in search and visibility. Engineer by training and initially a developer, after two entrepreneurial experiences and several digital / e-commerce projects in startups and large accounts, he has in his suitcase more than 15 years of experience in web and SEO. He also accompanies the European leader in DIY (Adeo) in its multi-channel strategy. He believes in the technical SEO component and is passionate about the semantic web. Through his services, he offers strategies, tools and also methodology to converge technique with marketing.

Follow Aymen on Twitter @LoukilAymen or on his website.

SEO monitoring to be considered for 2020

Salle Paris - cycle francophone

Aymen Loukil will share with you what he believes will be the most important thing to monitor in 2020. Performance, Serp, Keywords, Mobile, Structured data etc. For each of the KPI’s to be monitored, we will see how and by which means/tools we will be able to get it. On the way out, you will […]