Camille Thomas

Camille Thomas

SEO Consultant & Web analytics

Camille Thomas has 10 years experience in SEO and web analytics. He is the first to take up his arms at Baobaz, a Magento website creation agency specialized in the world of ready-to wear, where he is responsible for the proper referencing of the sites created. In 2012, he joined Search Foresight, becoming their first employee and participating in the strong expansion of the company. He is in charge of strategic files and specializes in high volume sites. Then in 2016, he held the position of SEO & Web analytics manager at Cartier International for 3 years with the aim of improving the referencing and conversion of the 21 versions of sites. In 2019, he decided to start as an independent.

How do you deploy an effective SEO strategy in luxury and international markets ??

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