Fabrice Canel

Fabrice Canel

Principal Program Manager, Bing, Microsoft

Fabrice is 21 years search veteran at Microsoft. Fabrice is a Principal Program Manager leading the team crawling, processing and indexing at Bing, so dealing with the hundreds of billions of new or updated web pages every day!

In 2006, Fabrice joined the MSN Search Beta project and since this day, Fabrice is driving evolution of the Bing platform to insure the Bing index is fresh and comprehensive and he is responsible for the protocols and standards for Sitemaps.org and AMP on Bing. Prior to that MSN Search, Fabrice was the Lead Program Manager for search across Microsoft Web sites in a role covering all aspect of search from Search Engines technology to Search User Experience… to content in the very early days of SEO.

How Bing Uses IA and Deep Learning to Improve User Satisfaction

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Speakers : Fabrice Canel – Principal Program Manager & Frédéric Dubut – Senior Program Manager – Bing Microsoft (Search & IA) Conference in french

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