Olivier Andrieu

Olivier Andrieu

Indépendant consultant & Founder of Abondance

Elected best French SEO by the Journal du Net, Olivier Andrieu is considered of the pioneer of SEO. Independent SEO consultant, creator of the company and Abondance website, he is also the author of numerous books on information retrieval and website referencing. Olivier Andrieu’s ambition is to evolve SEO in a context of knowledge sharing of its own.

Google Updates and Core Updates : from Google Dance to EAT

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Google has always implemented updates of its algorithm, from Boston (2003) to the current cores updates. For about two years now, these updates have made reverse engineering difficult. How, in this case, can you keep them and, above all, make your site impervious to this type of update? Speaker : Olivier Andrieu – Independant Consultant […]

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