How To Build Better Links & Get A Competitive Advantage With Data-Driven Content

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How confident are you that the links you’re building will give the competitive advantage you need to supercharge your organic growth ?

Traditional link building approaches are becoming less effective and it’s getting increasingly difficult to design a strategy which scales, yet smart SEOs are starting to realise that leveraging PR tactics can deliver results which stand out.

To truly succeed at link building in 2020, you need to think like a PR, yet execute like an SEO, and using data-driven content remains one of the most effective tactics to overcome the common challenges faced by SEOs; building topically relevant and authoritative links at scale.

In this session, James will share actionable insights into how marketers can launch their own successful campaigns.

This will be a highly actionable session, backed by data and insights from hundreds of successful campaigns, alongside insights provided by journalists themselves, ensuring that attendees can return to the office with a fresh perspective on content-led link building and a desire to launch something amazing which gives a real competitive advantage.

Speaker : James Brockbank – Managing Director & Founder –  Digitaloft

Conference in English
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