SEA : the new channel for addressing affinity audiences ?

Salle Genève- cycle francophone

What if the switch from Adwords to Google Ads is more than a signal? By abandoning the term “Words”, doesn’t Google want to indicate that its platform is not only structured around semantic corpora?
For the last 2 years, multiple signals have been feeding the management and targeting of campaigns: customer data – retargeting – audience on the market – socio-demographic – centers of interest….
Even better, with the automation of campaigns thanks to the learning machine, Google is now able to have a granular approach by audience typology by personalizing both the message and the landing page.
As a result, what was possible to do on GDN is becoming more and more possible on SEA. This raises the question of whether ATS has not become the new channel for addressing affinity audiences and not only intentional audiences.

Speaker : Jérémy Lacoste – Head of Acquisition – Waisso

Conference in French